Cooking Classes - Daylesford Area - The New Home Of Simply d'Vine Cooking

It has taken us a while, but we have finally found a new property just outside of Daylesford in the small hamlet of Shepherds Flat. For those of you that know the area, we are only a couple of hundred metres away from Lavandula (Lavender Farm) and the Cricket Willow (Cricket Museum) just a couple of kilometres north of Hepburn.

The New Entry To Simply dVine Cooking
View Across The Dam To The House
The Long Driveway To The House

Now the kitchen is considerably smaller that the one we had back in Newport, so we will initially be running classes for 4-6 people at a time.

The Kitchen

If the classes are as successful as we hope they will be then we will be adding a purpose built kitchen that should accommodate 12 people quite easily.

When we started to look for a property in the area we were looking for 1 to 2 acres......well we have ended up with just under 18 acres......I think that makes us farmers!!!!!

Plenty Of Land

So we have plenty of space for our planned vegetable patches, fruit trees, olive trees etc..... However, I think we have to learn a bit more about gardening techniques to make this a success.

Also thinking ahead, I think we are also going to have to learn about animals (chickens, sheep, pigs and all of those other farm type animals), after all we have the space, we just need the knowledge.

After a few "business meetings" it has been decided that Lesley will primarily be working on expanding the Cooking Classes that we will be offering, and I will become the part time farmer and dish washer!!


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