Around Us - Daylesford - Chocolate Mill

Many people come to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs for the pure relaxation, the massages, the spring waters........but if you are serious about bettering your life then you should be coming for the chocolate.

Just a quick 10 minute drive from Shepherds Flat and you will be at the Daylesford Chocolate Mill on the Midland Highway.

The Entry To The Mill

You can stop here for a meal as they have a small cafe .....for me this must be something like Chocolate Mud Cake and an Iced Coffee....yum!!

All Important Signs In Case You Get Lost

If you arrive at the right time you can watch them make chocolate and the various filled chocolates.

Newly Made Chocolate And I Think That Is A Sink For Washing Your Face In!!!!

I can tell you now that it is impossible to go into the shop and not buy chocolate, the air is saturated with the smell of becomes quite hypnotic.....I could happily stay there all day.

A Great Range Of Chocolates

For the serious chocolateer you can get a frequent visitor card and get it stamped everytime you make purchases over $20, once the card is filled there are a number of free gifts you can choose from.

If you want to visit the area and need a place to stay, then look no further. We have a superb private guest wing, suitable for up to 5 guests and ideal as the perfect base, from which you can explore.

While you are here why not join us in one of our many cooking classes, Cook And Stay Experiences, or Healthy Cooking And Eating Retreats.

See you soon.


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