Around Us - Harcourt - Bress Winery and Cidery

Distance From Simply d'Vine Cooking = approx. 40 kilometres

Journey Time From Simply d'Vine Cooking = approx. 35 minutes (one way)

If you are in the area and looking to find a good red wine, a good white wine, a good rose wine, or even a good cider, then get along to Bress Winery and Cidery in Harcourt as they have it all. Bress lies on the Old Calder Highway just a few kilometres north of the town.

Bress..The Home Of Great Wine And Cider

All the wines and ciders are of a great quality and reflect the winemakers time spent learning the trade in France. But Bress does not stop at making great quality wines and ciders, they also put on some great dinners in the winery which are worth booking into during the warmer months.

Beautifully Designed Winery
Heaps Of Wines And Cider
That's Not A Chook House...It's A Palace!

If you want to visit the area and need a place to stay, then look no further. We have a superb private guest wing, suitable for up to 5 guests and ideal as the perfect base, from which you can explore.

While you are here why not join us in one of our many cooking classes, Cook And Stay Experiences, or Healthy Cooking And Eating Retreats.

See you soon.


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